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Not a dead world.  Not dead, but dying.  Once Mars was as green and fertile as Earth, covered with shallow seas and rich ecosystems, but that was long ago.  Now it is a world of high, arid plains, thin atmosphere, and endless dust.  The old sea bottoms grow with the fungi and other primitive forms that can survive, and life here is a harsh one.

The Martians achieved civilization long before Earthmen, and they have lived through more cycles of growth and decline than can be counted, or remembered.  The crisis of their fading world threw them into chaos, and there were aeons of war.  The people of the Red Planet once possessed a high degree of technology, but they have lost or forgotten most of it.  On the high plateaus the pale inhabitants live a nomadic and dangerous life that has not changed substantially in thousands of years.

In only one place does a shadow of Martian greatness remain.  The immense volcanic strike called the  Tarivinan Delve – a network of canyons so vast the Grand Canyon would be lost within it.  Two thousand miles long, and in places eight miles deep, it is here the last remnants of the old civilization live on.  The depth allows atmospheric pressure to collect and increase, and traps moisture for a more livable environment.

The Great Canals bring down water from the frozen poles, and from there it flows into the rivers and irrigation channels in the Delve.  Here there is rain, and the towering cycads, ferns, and mushroom forests that evoke an Earth of an earlier age.  Here the last Martian cities still stand, rebuilt again and again over thousands of years – some say hundreds of thousands.  The last remnants of a proud race cling to their old ways, and fight valiantly for the dwindling resources of their world

Come and explore this Mars with me. Help my campaign make goal!
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