sargon999 (sargon999) wrote,

Captain Blackstone

Blackstone 1

When we speak of criminals so horrifying that their names are spoken of in whispers, we must speak of Lady Fane Blackstone, the Countess of Warven. What can we say that has not been already said? That she murdered her parents in an attempt to inherit their fortune, then fled Britain when she was discovered. She appeared in Constantinople after, in the court of the Sultans, and was involved in an intrigue there which resulted in ten thousand deaths and her own banishment. Imprisoned in a remote fortress in the Caucasus, she escaped in company with a host of bitter criminals and took to the sea as a desperate and amoral commander of pirates. When last she was reported, her ship had become trapped in ice high in the Barents Sea and civilization shed a tear of relief that she was, at last, no more. Now that she has reappeared as a captain of sky corsairs, alive through some mysterious intervention and hell-bent upon vengeance, who can say what infamies she will pursue?

Well, with 4 days to go and just 63% funded, I am pretty sure I am not going to make goal this time.  But every dollar still matters!  Come and grab a perk and some sexy pirate adventure!
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