sargon999 (sargon999) wrote,

Captain Hawk

Hawk 2

A rake, a rogue, and a privateer, Captain Avery Hawk has gone from navy man to licensed buccaneer and now finds himself a criminal. His mother wanted him to be a barrister, but instead he took to the sea, and soon after, he became part of the first generation of Britain’s airship-sailors. He was always more trouble than he was worth, with an unruly tongue and a knack for saying the perfectly wrong thing. Discharged from the navy, he became a privateer, and then a full-blooded corsair. After a rather sensational affair in Morocco he became famous, and dime novels making him out to be a hero began to appear. Now he has been caught and sentenced to hang, and the last thing he expects is a rescue by five strange schoolgirls...

There's 13 days left in the campaign, and I can't extend it any more than that.  It's 54% funded and I still have a ways to go.  Please come and help!

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