sargon999 (sargon999) wrote,

Ayesha A'Jharra

Ayesha Card

Ayesha is the newest girl at Bloodgood House. An orphan from Algiers, she has a rich uncle who is her benefactor, and who is responsible for her being sent away.  She does not speak English well and is sensitive about that, though she speaks French, Arabic, Turkish, and Italian quite fluently.  She is a tremendously intelligent, but is also terribly shy and timid girl, seemingly afraid of her own shadow.

She has a great fear of fire, and the rumor is that there have been several unexplained conflagrations while she was asleep.  She takes a long bath in the evening, going to bed with wet hair and damp skin.  She tries to keep to herself, and yet she is desperately lonely, and would do anything to have friends.

The campaign is waaaay behind, and there's a limit to how far I can push it and still be able to keep the lights on here.  Head on over and help out!
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