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12/13/14 04:18 am - Dun Dun DUNNNN!

Last chapter of The Forbidden Island has been posted, and now our minds turn to the next Adventurotica work: The Graveyard of Empires.  Lots of fun to be had in this third epic chapter, so I hope everyone can find a way to contribute to our campaign and help us keep the lights on.

TGoE Cover

12/4/14 02:28 am - Halfway Home

Right now the campaign for the Graveyard of Empires is at 52% And that is really good, but we have slowed down after an amazing start, and I don't want us to lose our momentum.  I knew the holidays were going to take a bite out of the time we have to pimp this, as nobody wants to hear about this kind of thing on Turkey Day or Black Friday.  But I am hopeful in this time of year we can still find a way to make our goal.

Been watching the new BBC Musketeers series, and I am really quite liking it.  We're 4 episodes in and all the characters are really starting to gel.  Howard Charles as Porthos, especially, is just awesome and fun.  I read some poor reviews, who seem to be disliking the show because it is a straight-up adaptation, and not some kind of twist on it all.  Me, I'm enjoying what feels like a really definitive adaptation, especially as regards casting, and how the series format allows the expansiveness to really delve into things.  Plus, the show is full-hour episodes, and you'd be surprised how that extra 15 minutes lets them add depth to the plots.  Great fun, and it's making me want to do a sequel to The Golden Mask in the worst way.

So if you can, slide on over and contribute to our campaign, and help us have a holiday.

11/10/14 03:26 am - The Graveyard of Empires!

And our new campaign is live!  I wanted to wait until later in the month, but we are so broke-assed right now it's not an option.  Come check out the trailer and the campaign page!

We really, really need your support now, and I am really looking forward to doing this book.  I will be able to say I have written an erotic wild west steampunk trilogy - I don't think anyone else can say that.

If you can, please, please contribute via Paypal, as we get that money more or less immediately, and we have bills to pay, like, soon.  Credit card payments won't get to us until January, so while we love those too, we need $$$ now to survive.

11/7/14 08:00 pm - Imperial Blood!

Imperial Blood

The Imperial Blood ebook is out!

We had a bitch of a time finding a cover image we liked - seriously, do you know how many vampire-themed images look like either bad cosplay or strippers?  Finding something that was appropriately dark and moody and yet still a little sexy was a real job, but I am very pleased how it came out.  All props to Naamah for the formatting and graphic layout

11/6/14 03:07 am - Coming soon, Eden Kane returns in...

TGoE2 Title

10/24/14 04:40 am - Very Broke

Big thanks to Jett and Sandy for lending a hand this week.  We are still terribly close to the bone here, so anyone who would like to pitch in a buck or two to help us keep the lights on would be much, much appreciated.  Paypal us at sargon999@hotmail.com if you can.

New blog post on my new fiction blog:

Point of view is something that often gets neglected in writing instructions, and I suppose this is part of why so many professional writers are quite bad at it.  I’m guilty of those sins myself, so I’m not claiming to be perfect either.  Point of view is extremely important to a coherent and powerful narrative, and it is often one of the last things a writer thinks about.

On the surface, it’s an easy decision, as there are just not that many choices for POV.  You have First-Person, Third Person Limited, and Third Person Omniscient.  (There is also Second-Person Limited, which is technically a real thing but almost unusable - basically, try writing a story in First Person and using “you” instead of “I”)

Three choices seems like an easy process to sort through, but you would be surprised how many writers do not really make a considered decision, just grabbing for the one that “feels right” without really thinking about it.

Read More!

10/19/14 11:24 pm - Proceeding

So The Forbidden Island is proceeding well.  Now is the point where I ask people who bought bonus scenes or cameos to start thinking about what they want, and I'll contact them this next week.  I posted a story on my fiction blog, and got some nice repsonses to it.  You can read the story Here at this link.

Traffic at my Patreon has been slow, but we'll see if we can't build that up.  Click on over and join if you can.  Every bit helps.

Spent the afternoon climbing around on the roof of my house.  See, our chimney started leaking badly over the summer, and so my father-in-law and I threw some tarps over it until we could get a dry spell to work on it.  The tarps finally disintegrated last week, and so we got up there today and patched it.  We tried this before with a patching compound, and it worked but it didn't even last a year.  This time we used mesh and asphalt, so we'll see if that works better.

If anybody is feeling generous, we are still kind of in a hole here, money-wise, so if you want to send over a few bucks, our Paypal is sargon999AThotmailDOTcom.  Anything you can give, helps us keep going.

10/8/14 08:42 pm - Dark Places

Not the greatest month I have ever had.  With the cut to our food stamps, we are suddenly operating at a deficit, when we were kind of already operating at a deficit.  Sucks, but I am trying to remedy that.

First off, I have started a Patreon account to go with my new Tumblr, which will be writing advice all the time, all-day, all-night.  You can check it out HERE if you want to.  SFW I promise.

The way Patreon works is this: you go on there and pledge a given amount, and when I post a piece of paid content the money goes through.  I am planning on just doing that once per month, and even if you were concerned about that, you can easily cap your contributions at a certain amount per month, so I cannot abuse your trust even if I wanted to.  I've already got some stuff posted, and you can read it all whether you donate or not, but every little bit helps us.  If we can manage to make up the $$$ we lost from our benefits, I will be pleased.  So go check it out, if you can.

I have also decided to open myself up to freelance editing.  I will perform critiques of work for the actually rather low rate of $0.02 per word ($25 minimum).  I will review stories, fics, chapters, or summaries/outlines - I am not picky.  I will read and then offer a detailed critique of character, theme, pacing, story elements, vividness, language and whatever else the writer is wanting me to look for.  If you are interested, email me at sargon999ATgmailDOTcom and we'll talk.

8/12/14 04:47 am - Huzzah!

tfi (2)

The good news is we made our goal.  Largely due to one INCREDIBLY generous contributor who is going to get one hell of a cameo, I can tell you that.

That said, we still have 69 hours left, and there is still time to grab a perk if you want one.  No reason to let it slip by.

8/5/14 01:29 am - The Forbidden Island Rises Again!

So we were way far from goal, and we got an extension from Indiegogo, which means we have 10 days left to hit our target.  The book is proceeding apace, and I think this crazy mashup of King Kong, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Tarzan is going to be a whole lot of fun.  I'm certainly enjoying working on it.

So please, if you can head on over to our campaign page and throw something our way.

Annnnd here's a little excerpt to give you a sample.  Our characters have been marooned on a savage island in the Indian Ocean, they don't really trust each other, and now they find the place is not as deserted as they thought...

The scream woke her up in the pit of night.  The fire was burned low and she could scarcely see anything.  For a moment Cecily was not sure where she was, sat panting in the near darkness.  She opened her mouth to call out when a hand clamped over it and silenced her.  "Shhhhhhh," a voice whispered in her ear.  "Keep quiet."  She recognized Buck's low voice and massive hands.

He let go of her and she turned to look at him, saw Simon and Ragland already awake, crouched by the fire.  She jumped as she heard something thud against the roof, sending bits of it rattling down.  She swallowed, turned to speak right in Buck's ear in the lowest whisper she could manage.  "What is it?"

"Don't know," he said in the same almost breathless voice.  "But it's big."

It screamed again, something primordial and terrible, an ascending shriek that cut through the night and seemed to go on longer than any sound made by an animal had a right to.  Cecily twitched as she heard something move across the roof, the spars and beams creaking.  She heard something paw at the sailcloth and she scooted back closer to Buck, just then realizing she was naked as the day she was born.  Her sweaty skin moved against his own, and she knew she reeked of sex.

"Stay down," he said softly and moved away from her, reached into a shadow and came up with a hatchet, gleaming darkly in the glow of the embers.  He paused for a moment, all of them listening to the low sounds of something moving around on the roof of the treehouse.  Then Buck passed her the hatchet and motioned toward Ragland, and she nodded and reached to hand it over while Buck dug around and came up with a keen-edged cutlass.

The frame of the roof creaked, and then they all heard the distinct thump of a weight landing on the ledge just outside the makeshift curtain.  Cecily crawled backward away from it, while Buck and Ragland turned to face it.  It was pitch dark outside, and little better in here, so there was nothing to show what was out there.  They all held still, listening for a moment, breathless.  A soft pattering fell on the roof, and after a terrified moment Cecily realized it was rain.  She heard the trees around them come alive with the sound of raindrops, and then something just outside snorted and growled, a deep and resonant sound that seemed to vibrate in her chest.
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