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Undead Son

On the hillside you'll hear my roar. . .

11/12/15 02:05 am - Down to the Wire

Well, here we are again.  3 days left in the campaign, slightly more than a thousand dollars to make.  Can we do it?  We always have before.  I would hate this to be the first campaign that doesn't hit.  I would hate it for a lot of reasons.

I'm leaving this house next year.  Going out on my own for the first time in over 20 years.  I'm scared of it, even though it needs to happen, and part of me welcomes it.  I'm afraid.  I want to keep doing this, keep telling my stories.  I want to have this be my way.  I want it to work.

We're behind on the fulfillment of the past campaigns.  So behind.  I think about people waiting for their books and I cringe.  I let it get this bad, and it's really inexcusable, and all I can do is promise people I will make it right, that they will get all they asked for, all they paid for.  I made a new start with The Demon Star, in part to show that I can fulfill a campaign fast, all on my own.  That I won't get any farther behind while I catch the old stuff up.  But right now all I can do is promise.

I don't appreciate my readers enough.  The people who have read and followed and traveled with me this far.  The people who enjoy and support my stories.  I feel like I am starting new with this book, and I want it to work.

But every time we get to this point and I fear that we won't make it.  That it's done, over.  I hope not.

11/8/15 10:05 pm - Come and Read!

I just posted a sample chapter over at Adventurotica, come and read, get excited, buy a book!

Mirelle moved through the coursing crowds of the ball without any of her accustomed ease.  She was often a center of attention, but this time it felt unwelcome, and those she did not know well enough to pass words with eyed her as though she were a painted lady at a carnival.  It was unwelcome, and disquieting.

Ordinarily she would be pleased to draw attention, for her gown was a piece she was excited to wear.  It was all cream-colored silk that seemed to foam over her body, standing in a fine contrast to her rather dark skin and offset by the net of pearls laid over the tight and complex knot of her silvery hair.  Her piled hair made her feel taller, especially in conjunction with the tall-heeled shoes she wore under the hem of her dress where no one could see them.  Mirelle was not a very tall girl, and she stretched for anything to make her seem more imposing.

This was the Autumn Ball, often a social graveyard because of all the attendants, hangers-on, and bodyguards brought by the guests.  It was not so formal as the Winter Ball, and less deliberately debauched than the various summer soirees that filled the hotter months.  Mirelle expected to be gawked at by a few rubes who had never seen the Grand Duke’s daughter before, but this was a kind of sidelong, sneaking attention that stank of some social failing, and she did not like it.

Want to read more?  Click HERE

We still need help to make our goal!  Come and see!

11/6/15 01:42 am - Etrianna


Etrianna Ravenos, 20. In a city of armed factions and street violence, the most lucrative of professions have become the thug, the assassin, and the duelist.  Etrianna, the daughter of a Merovian swordmaster, is the last of these.  Forced to leave her homeland after a brutal vendetta and a disastrous love affair, she has come to a place where her skills with a blade will earn her a living, or a cold stone grave.  Generous and gifted with an infectious laugh, with a sword in her hand she is deadly as an adder, and as cold.

We have just 9 days to go!  Help us make goal!

11/3/15 10:22 pm - Running

Well, we're behind a bit over at The Black Enchantress, as we have just 11 days left and we are sitting right at 41%, which is not horrible - we have certainly been worse off and still mad eit to the finish line - but I'd like to do better.  If you can, sling some dollars our way and tell your friends.

I am really looking forward to this book, and I keenly anticipate starting in the next few days here.  I am at the pre-procustion stage of laboring over the outline.  Sharpening the characters, finding ways to increase the drama and the tension.  I want this to be operatic, dramatic, and involving.  Ever since I finished Masks & Madams I have not been working on anything really new, as The Demon Star was already written and just needed edits and reworking.  It's not the same as writing new stuff every day, and while I needed the break, I miss it and need it back.


10/31/15 12:59 pm - Belus

CP Bel

Belus - Horned beast-man with the legs of a goat. He was the son, possibly, of the dead witch Zahara, who left her library behind when she died. He did not know how to read or speak when Proserpina found him.  Though he adored his mother and her memory, it seems she did not favor him. He guarded her tower until Proserpina came and seduced him. Ever since then he has been her companion, servant, and lover. He speaks strangely, and with difficulty. He is large and powerful, wild in his heart, and he will defend his mistress to the death.

Our campaign is stalled at around 34%, and we need to get some momentum going so we are not caught out at the last minute.  Head on over and donate!

10/28/15 07:59 pm


Mirelle Sadorina Avalari, 18.  Proserpina’s daughter, left behind when he mother was exiled.  She has been raised by her uncle Acton as her foster - father, and she can barely remember her mother, having been only three years old when she was taken from her.  Mirelle dreams of a life of freedom, not hemmed in by expectation and convention.  Now she has discovered Acton intends to marry her to his brutal military commander, Count Sabero, a man she despises.  Desperate to escape this fate, she will flee into the city, seeking another life, unaware that the mother she never knew has returned.

Our campaign is doing pretty well, and we have some time left, but it goes fast.  Don't miss out, because we need all of you!

10/23/15 09:52 pm - Acton

CP Acton

Grand Duke Acton Boreas Avalari, 46.  Head of the Avalari House and the current ruler of Tyras.  Always the second son, given less than his favored brother.  Acton went away to the Crusade to seek a new land, and returned hardened and angry.  When his brother died he seized his chance, took over the House and proposed to marry his brother’s widow, who he had always coveted.  Refused, he turned to force, but rather than kill Proserpina he sent her away to be sold as a slave, to live on in humiliation.  He took her daughter, intending to marry her himself when she came of age.  But now the realm is in turmoil, and alliances have to be made or he may lose all he has.  Handsome, well-spoken, but with a temper, and a coldness underneath his civility.

The campaign got off to a banging start, but has stalled a bit.  We still have a lot of time, but that will go quick.  Please help!

10/21/15 11:35 pm - Proserpina

We had a good start to the campaign, and we are at 23% with a lot of time to go.  I was hoping to get to 25% by this point, but we shall see.  If you have not joined, head on over and give it a go.

I also decided to do a character profile for the main players, kind of give the readers a taste of what this will be about.  Add some flavor and give a peek.  See what you think.
CP Proserpina copy

Proserpina Nahia Avalari, 37.  Born a Zaravian Countess, her father made a political marriage to the Aventi Duke Balovar Avalari of Castevano when she was 16.  Through his victory in the War of the Red Counts he moved into a prime position and became Grand Duke and ruler of Tyras.  When she was 19 Proserpina gave birth to a daughter and her only child, Mirelle.

When she was just 21 Balovar died at sea, and she was left to control the city-state on her own.  Unprepared for the responsibility, she turned to his younger brother Acton to assist her.  He pressed her to marry him, but she refused.  In answer, he plotted against her, and after a year as the dowager ruler, he deposed her.

Kidnapped in the night, she was smuggled away and put aboard a ship bound for Umashaya in the east, where she would be sold into servitude.  But fate intervened in the form of a terrible storm.  Instead of being sold into a seraglio, she was wrecked on an abandoned island, alone.

On that deserted piece of land, she found a ruined tower filled with books of magic, and over the years she studied even as she labored to survive.  Now she has become powerful, and when another ship is cast upon her shore, she knows her hour has come at last.

10/19/15 06:47 pm - Farewell Yellow Fever

Well, Sif just died.  She was our oldest cat, who would have been 20 in April sometime.  She was in decent health, for a fossil.  There had been a few seizures, over the past few years, but overall, aside from being old and creaky, she seemed ok.  Today she was her normal self, until she hopped onto the bed, lay down, and had what I think was a heart attack.  She gasped and twitched, breathed heavy, and when I put my hand on her, I felt her pulse going so fast it felt like a thrum.  I wasn't sure if she would come out of it, as she has before, but this seemed different, and she had pissed all over my bed, which she had not done in previous fits.

She slipped away.  It was quick, and I think she was unconscious after the first hit.  It's for the best, really.  She was really old, in a house with 2 other cats who are A: boys and B: under 5.  So she was rather put-upon, and spent a lot of time in my room where I would keep them from pestering her.  Next year, when Bear moves in, she will bring her 3, and it would have been terrible for poor old Sif.  I was resolved to take her with me, even though she did not move well, because I was not going to leave her alone here.  So, this is better for all concerned.

Sif was a messy cat.  She shed greasy hair no matter how much you furminated her.  She barfed a lot and always had.  We took her to the vet multiple times over her life, and she was just a puker.  I am actually kind of looking forward to a life that does not involve yellow vomit and hair all over my stuff.  I lost track of the extra washings my sheets have gotten because of her.  I am washing them again, one last time.

We got her, originally, because we had Tazendra and she was our only cat and was lonely.  So we got Sif to be her companion, and in this little yellow kitten Tazendra found a hatred that sustained her all her days.  We all live for something, Tazendra lived to hate Sif, who continued to love her and be oblivious to how she was despised.

But Tazendra has been gone for years, and Sif had lived past her time.  Everything seemed to bewilder and startle her.  I did my best to take care of her and make her comfortable.  I kept water for her in my room because she was too scared to go drink from the fountain.  I fed her extra food twice a day to make sure she ate enough.  I kept the boys off her whenever I could, and I put a stool beside my bed so she could get up and down when her back legs didn't seem to work so great anymore.

So she was not really my favorite cat, but she was my companion.  Always in my way, under my feet, in my grill.  Annoying, but I will miss her.  Cats have their own gods.  I hope one of them has come to take her home.

10/19/15 02:01 am - The Campaign Trail

We had a really good start, and we just need to keep the momentum going.  I would like to avoid the last-minute panic of the last time out.  Yeesh.  Forgive me, BTW, if I keep saying "we" even though this is all me.  Right now, Naamah and I still share housing, and so this is for her budget and upkeep as well as mine.  When that changes, I will tell you, though I hope you will stay with me.

I ordered the hardcopy books of The Demon Star today, and they should hopefully be here before month's end so I can send them out.  No delays this time.  Won't be able to get the new book out as fast as this one, because it will be posting on AE, but it will be way faster than we have been.  My promise to you.

A bit under the weather.  Feeling tired and down and my ears are clogged up, which is not fun.  I keep hoping it won't start to hurt.  I had a double ear infection once and it is not one of my fonder memories.  I am flinchy about it to this day.

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